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“Look at her. I could bend her over a table, pull down those ridiculous breeches and fuck that round ass. You would like that, wouldn’t you, fool? To get that tight cunt filled with aristocratic jeez?” the man laughs, one hand grabbing at his crotch.

I ignore his drunken lashing and the laughs of his companions. Just like every other day, the lords of the land blurt their lechery at me, hard cocks tenting their breeches, vulgar tongues gesturing, miming to be slurping between my thighs. They would be reprimanded if the King heard them, but not much punishment would…

The Minotaur and the Virgins

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Young Melita shook like a leaf as she kneeled in front of the monster. Slowly looking up, she saw enormous feet, thick calves, muscled naked thighs. Her eyes stopped at the level of an appendix as she had never seen before. A thick, large, pulsing cock that should be a better fit on an animal’s body. A terrifying snort made her shrink, eyes shut. When she opened them again, the member’s bulbous head was right in front of her face. She reached with a trembling hand to touch it. The beast gave a pleasure growl. Holding it with both hands…

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Best friends make everything better. And hotter.

I get back in my car after using the bathroom at the rest stop. A mischievous idea crosses my mind. The parking lot is empty, with no cars around. The truck stop is far enough away that no one will see me. I reach into my purse and find my favorite dildo. I carry it there because I know as soon as I get to my parents’ house, Mom will insist on unpacking my luggage and organizing my clothes, so “Big Joe” is better hidden in here. …

Part 3: Ariadne and Dionysus

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Ariadne, Princess of Crete, took a shaky breath in between sobs. Only a few nights ago, Theseus, the great hero, had slipped into her bed, pulled up her nightdress, and run his fingers through the folds of her virgin pussy. His fingertips had opened a world of desire; his tongue had shown her a glimpse of Elysium, his mouth suckling on her clit was the passageway to paradise. The promise of infinite pleasure had etched him in her heart, and she had given him what he needed: the key to surviving the Labyrinth.

He was the hero that killed the…

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Kyra knows how to bring out my adventurous side.

I cuss when the doorbell rings. I’m already set for a night of bad movies and snacks, wearing only pajama shorts and a thin camisole. I’m in no state to socialize. But when I look through the peephole, I smile. It’s my lovely friend Kyra, the one that never allows me to mope in peace. I can barely open the door before she is already inside.

“Hop to it, loser, we’re going dancing.”

I attempt a feeble refusal, ready to blurt an excuse about not having anything to wear, but a garment bag hanging from her arm tells me that’s…

photo: SexArt

My first time being sexually served.

I’m standing in the massage room, trying and failing to breathe. Today is my first time trying an erotic massage, and I am not sure what to expect. It was comforting to find a private therapist that offered the process in her own place; I don’t think I would have been brave enough to walk into one of those public salons that advertise erotic experiences. Kiara’s web page describes her as a tantric therapy expert. …

photo: Viv Thomas

Cleaning up (the dirty way).

I love the feeling of hot water running over my naked body. I take a long time lathering my hair with a deliciously scented shampoo, sinful bubbles running down my neck and breasts, across my belly until they reach the folds of my soaked pussy. I make rinsing it off into a sensual ritual, fingers combing through my wet hair, lowering down to massage my neck, reaching to smooth down my shoulders. Then my hands take their sweet time on my breasts: cupping, caressing, massaging. I love how the nipples pebble, water drops falling from the hardened peaks.

“Mind if…

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Hello lovers! It’s been a busy couple of weekends, first with the Superbowl, then we entertained Cupid as the little rascal visited on Valentine’s day, so here’s what you may have missed:

Maybe you had your head on the game and missed the story of super hotwife Sandy and how she likes to entertain her guests, who couldn’t wait to half time to have some of her delicious treats and tricks!

Sometimes all you need on valentine’s day is a good friend. And Layla is a very, very good friend. The kind that turns your day around from boring…

Two girls enjoying some sensual fun.

Image by Saulius Rozanas from Pixabay

I walk out of the shower and sigh. Dressed in only a robe and toweling my hair dry, I pretend I don’t know what day it is. Valentine’s day is the biggest drag of the year when you are single. At least when you go to your parent’s place for Thanksgiving or Christmas, there’s food and gifts. But on this dreaded February day, there is nothing but regrets unless you have a very, very good friend.

A ring on the doorbell snaps me to attention. I have no idea who it could be, but…

photo: MetArt X

No need to wait for halftime.

“Hey guys, welcome, come on in,” chirps my wife Sandy as she lets my friends in. This is my favorite part of the Sexy Super Bowl game we play: watching the faces of my friends as they see her slutty outfit that confirms what we said on the private invitation we sent to the three of them:

“Come for an evening of football, drinks, snacks, and sex hosted by your favorite sexy referee: Sandy.”

Some women like to put on their sexy costumes for Halloween. Sandy prefers the Super Bowl because it’s full of testosterone and men looking for fun…

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Scientist by day, fiction writer by night. Deeply in love with life. Find me on Clubhouse @vixenwriter

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